March 16, 2008

Configuration of ISA server 2006 in a Single NIC

When you install ISA Server on a computer with a single network adapter, ISA Server is only aware of two networks: the Local Host network that represents the ISA Server computer itself, and the Internal network, which includes all unicast Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are not part of the Local Host network. In this configuration, when an internal client browses the Internet, ISA Server sees the source and destination addresses of the Web request as belonging to the Internal network.

Configure ISA Server Network Template
  1. In ISA Server Management, expand the Configuration node, and then click Networks.
  2. On the Templates tab, click the Single Network Adapter template
  3. On the Welcome page of the Network Template Wizard, click Next.
  4. On the Export the ISA Server Configuration page, click Export to export your current configuration before applying the Single Network Adapter template. Then click Next.
  5. On the Internal Network IP Addresses page, specify settings for the Internal network. Then click Next
  6. On the Select a Firewall Policy page, click Apply default Web proxying and caching configuration, and then click Next
  7. Check the settings for the new template, and click Finish to complete the wizard.
  8. In ISA Server Management, click Apply to save the new settings.
Following things are supported in Single network configuration
  • Forward Web proxy and caching
  • Web publishing and Outlook Web Access Publishing